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Thursday, July 17, 2008

What to do while waiting for the CherryPal?

well it's July 17, 2008. I'm just anticipating the arrival of the CherryPal PC. Meanwhile, I decided to hire a personal trainer. With the referral and urging of my girlfriend, I scheduled an early evening appointment with the trainer.

I arrived early. Around 5:15pm... 15 min early for my 5:30pm appointment. I spent the time psyching myself out for the workout. Note: Due to the busy nature of my job (or so I think) I gained over 60 lbs and haven't seriously trained in the past 2 years.

5:30pm. It's time.

I finally met the trainer. Her name is Ami Jampolis. Owner of Focus Fitness Personal Training in San Mateo. Personally, this is the first time I'm using a personal trainer to help me reach my fitness goals. Why? Well, I was a member of a local big franchise gym. I saw how the trainers there "trained" their clients and I was turned off. The trainer does not look fit and seemed bored. They looked like they were just passing the time and didn't really motivate their clients to do better. So when I met Ami, I had high expectations. First impression: Man, this woman looks really fit! Then she asked if i had any injuries and what are my goals in terms of my fitness. I was really impressed.

So anyway, I briefly told her about my background. I told her I was really physically active during my college days and did some sort of training over here but not as consistent.


Ami impressed me as a trainer. Here's why:

a) She worked out with me. Whatever she asked me to do, she's doing it with me.
b) She asked for my goals and injuries. She customized the workout accordingly.
c) She motivates and pushed me the right way. She sounded sincere when complimenting and motivating and she pushed me without yelling (yet.. hehehe).
d) She's human. She told me how she worked her way back after a sports injury. How she helps her clients meet their needs. In short, she's not intimidating.


I felt better after the workout. Yeah, I paid the price for ignoring my fitness for 2 years but after all that, with Ami's encouragement, I survived and felt better. I am definitely going back for more sessions.

Here's her website:


I can't wait for the CherryPal man!

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